A Proud Member of the PA KIZ Program.

Offices at the Luuzerne Bank Building and One South Main Street are located within the Pennsylvania Keystone Innovation Zone. The Pennsylvania Keystone Innovation Zone Program (KIZ) has created a limited number of designated geographic zones which are intended to foster innovation and create entrepreneurial opportunities for young companies in targeted industry sectors. A company qualified as a KIZ Company is eligible for a number of benefits, including:

  1. Award of state tax credits (which can be sold by the company if not needed).
  2. Opportunities to implement research relationships with local universities.
  3. Access to student interns.
  4. The ability to form relationships with venture capital networks and commercial lenders to obtain a greater access to needed capital.
  5. Access to business support, including free or low-cost consulting advice, and networking opportunities.

We have already assisted a number of startup and young companies qualify as KIZ companies and obtain the economic benefits of the program. Ask us how!

Pennsylvania Keystone Innovation Zone Program